What Are Vinyl Cutter Blades Used For?

Many machines come under certain categories which have predefined role in the functioning of the system for the machine. There are several such machines which come under this category and works accordingly. One such is the Vinyl Cutter which is used in most of the productive works, let’s see ahead.

A vinyl cutter is a sort of processor controlled machine. Small vinyl cutters look like computer printers. The computer controls the progress of a sharp blade. This blade is used to cut out shapes and letters from panes of thin self-bonding agent plastic which is known as Vinyl.


Apart from this Vinyl cutters are used to convert self-adhesive vinyl into cut-out letters, shapes, borders and graphic designs for signage application. Designs are formed using graphic arts software, which are send to cutting software for formatting, and lastly to the cutter. Vinyl cutters appear in many ranges, from small desktop components to 60 inches or more, and are completely computerized apart from the slotting of vinyl material.


What are the various uses of the Vinyl Cutter Blades? The vinyl cutter is an opening level mechanism for every signage industry. It's vital for sign making. Computer designed vector files with blueprint and characters are straightforwardly cut on the turnover of vinyl which you have accumulated and supply into the vinyl cutter, through USB or serial cable. Vinyl cutters are mainly used by to make signs, banners and commercial ads. Advertisements seen on automobiles and vans are frequently made with vinyl cut characters. Vinyl cutters can also be used to cut out shapes from slim cardboard.


Two pinch rollers can be slide away by the flipping lock mechanism to the upward position, rest the roll or sheet material onto the material holding rollers, called “media rollers,” in the back of the machine, with the material side facing up (backing sheet down). Feed the leading edge of the material into the machine until the edge reaches the front guide mark.


Move the side guide (if installed) to make light contact with the free side of the vinyl, making sure the guide does not buckle the material. Flip the lever to the "down" position to lock the pinch rollers. The pinch rollers are spring-loaded, and do not require adjustment. Press the “Test” button on the cutter’s control panel and inspect the cut. Ideally, the cut should go through the vinyl, but not through the backing sheet, allowing the vinyl square to be removed easily.


Adjust the blade pressure as per 30, 45 and 60 degree, if needed, by turning the adjustment knob on the blade housing, and performing another test cut until proper blade pressure is reached. Send the computer graphic file to the cutter by pressing the “Print” 0or “Cut” button on the job screen. The cutter will go through a diagnostic test before beginning the cutting job, much like a desktop printer. Through these we can easily come to know about the process of the Vinyl Cutter also log on DIY Workshop.

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