Things to consider when machining different materials on CNC routers

A CNC router is computer controlled. Older machine needed an operator to put the x and y axis co-ordinates. But, with the advancement of technology CNC routers today have become much more versatile and offers the user many uses and dimensions.But, there is a flip side to it as well. CNC routers come for a price; they are sophisticated tools which can work without much human interference. You can machine various materials on CNC router today. Plastic, composites, acrylic, MDF, aluminum and brass are some types of CNC router materials.


Most advanced CNC routers today can be used for three dimensional cuts. Some also offer laser engraving.They come in various sizes; so you can choose the one that is perfect for your work. One of the biggest advantages of CNC routers over manual routing is the accuracy when mass production of products like mortise or fitted joints is involved. When one decides to buy CNC routers for the first time, there are many different points that one has to take into consideration. One has to learn about the different feeds and cutting speed that are right for a particular job, the different CNC router materials that can be used, etc. But, once you get the hang of doing things on the CNC machine everything will become a breeze.


In order to work with various materials on your CNC router, you have to familiarize yourself for various materials and the correct chip load data to machine them. If you are wondering what exactly chip load is then here is a brief definition. Chip load actually refers to the size of the chip of material that is cut by each of the cutting flute every time it cuts through the material. When you cut a material at its appropriate chip load, you will get the smoothest finish on the end result. It will also go a long way in prolonging the life of the tool.


Here are some good materials for CNC machining – Softwood such are chipboard, plywood, etc., hard wood, Supa wood, Soft plastic, Hard plastic, acrylic, soft metal, low density foam, high density foam, etc. If you are looking for a vendor that understands your CNC job requirement and can help you in making the right purchase, then we would recommend that you have a look at Advanced Machinery. With their extensive collection of CNC routers and a team highly trained customer service executives, buying the dream CNC router can be a breeze. You can tell them about your job requirements: like whether you want a machine for your hobby purpose, or for mass production of carved woods, for making rubber stamps or for laser engravingof materials, etc., and they will be able to suggest you the options. The good thing is that you just have to pick your phone and call them and get the answer for all your ueries.


So, what are you waiting for? Visit our site at and browse through the extensive list of CNC products we have. We are sure that you will find what you were looking for.

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