How to maintain CNC routers for a longer life

CNC routers are expensive instruments. That is why it is important that you take due care of them so that they have a longer working life. It is fact, that if you properly maintain you prized CNC router it will last for years.The first thing you should do after purchasing the CNC router is read the instruction manual. The manual clearly outlines how to use the machine and how to maintain it. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about the maintenance of CNC router.


 The very first thing that you should be careful about is that a CNC router creates a lot of dust like metal shavings, wood dust, etc. If this dust is not cleared in time then it can lead to the rusting of its part thus rendering it useless after a while. So, make cleaning the CNC router a part of the regular maintenance activity – from CNC router controller to all other parts of the machine, they should be properly cleaned. Many metal working fluids called coolants are available in the market and are used to lubricate the tool. Application of these fluids prevents the occurrence of rust. Always keep in mind that plain water should never be used as a coolant as it can do more damage than good to your machine. One can notice some metal shavings get collected in the parts of machine that are inside enclosures. In such cases, if they get accumulated for long and get wet then it can lead to corrosion of machineparts.

The best thing you can do is set up a cleaning routine. Make it a habit to clean the machine after the end of each working day. Apart from the daily measures, some CNC router maintenance activity should be carried out on a monthly basis. Such activities include: emptying of the extraction bins, monthly inspection of the wear and tear of hoses, cleaning the oil guide rails, inspection of the sacrificial bed, inspecting the level of coolant available, checking the belt and pulley assembly for tightness and sturdiness, etc. A deep cleaning of the machine every six month or annually is also recommended. But, again that also depends on the amount of work you carry out with it.


As a part of the maintenance routine, make it a point to back up the data on the machine from time to time. There is an inbuilt maintenance menu that can be used by the operator. The setting can easily be recovered by using the import feature of the router.


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