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By CNC it means Computer Numerical Control. That is a computer system is used to operate a mechanical system. Industries in which wood is processed have found that by using a CNC router their task becomes seemingly very easy. That is why it is being increasingly used in such industries. A CNC wood router creates objects by carving woods. It works three dimensionally by making use of the Cartesian co-ordinate system for controlling motion in 3D. CAD/CAM software is used to create the final design that you want to get carved and the command for this design is sent to machine. This is also valuable when it comes to product development and during engineering prototyping.

If you have been looking for an easy to use and versatile wood router then, we recommend that you check out the EasyRoute 3 axis CNC router from Advanced Machinery. It is an instrument that is designed to make your wood work easy. It can hold material of any size and can start working with the touch of a button. Sounds impressive? Well, this router boasts of many such features that makes it a must have equipment if you are into woodworking.


This CNC wood router comes with vacuum table plenum pattern with a vacuum rubber sealing. It helps in producing end products of great quality and accuracy. The table surface of the router is made of PVC Grey plate and has a number of zones with independent switch control. Since woodworking involves a generation of lot of dust, this CNC wood router is equipped with an amazing dust collection system. Needless to say that such a feature can go a long way to assure you that you have a cleaner workspace which in turn will enhance the life of the parts of the machine. It has a hi-torque 1.8 degree stepper motor which speaks how powerful the machine is. Once you start using this CNC wood router you will realize that the efficiency and productivity of your work process have improved significantly.


We are not here to write a detailed CNC router review; instead we want to tell you how such equipment will prove immensely beneficial for your work. As said earlier, a CNC router is computer controlled. That is why they are more precise and accurate. While a CNC router can do all the work a manual router can do, the reverse is not true. The best thing about them is that they carry out repetitive work with ease. One can also use it for process materials like plastics, composites, brass, acrylic, etc.


The best thing about buying the router from Advanced Machinery is that their equipment comes with a strong technical support and service maintenance plan. If you have any queries about this product, you can give a call to the customer support executives at Advanced Machinery and they will address it. Also, their products come at such affordable prices which you will not find anywhere else. Strong technical support, great after sales service and affordable pricing, makes Advanced Machinery, the most preferred vendor when it comes to by CNC equipments.

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